Reaching Your Full Potential

Failing to reach our full potential can often be due to underestimating our capabilities. Interestingly, as we become more fit our capabilities change and our end goal must also continue to change. In your journey…. Recognize when you reach a new level of fitness and remember to set a new higher goal.

Are You Bored with Your Food or Are You Just Bored?

Try a Smoothie: There are at least 100 different combinations of fruits for your protein smoothies. Actions speak louder than words: Make that smoothie first thing and you are committing yourself to healthy eating…or at least reminding yourself of it 🙂 If you are still bored… maybe food isn’t the answer.

You Can Break Your Emotional Eating Habits

As you eat well and workout you become super sensitive to what you are consuming. The more fit you become the more obvious the difference is between eating well and not. Eventually your attachments switch from habitual eating to eating for optimized energy, fitness and feeling awesome. Tune in to your fitness experience and your emotional eating habits will fade away.

Sheena's Fitness Reminders

Live Lean for Health We begin to lose lean muscle after the age of 30 through a process called Sarcopenia. Common minor side-effects are premature aging, pronounced wrinkling, sunken cheeks, loss of strength to do simple things. Our metabolism decreases as we lose muscle and our body fat% increases. Later it can result in metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes., since muscle tissue helps regulate blood sugar, insulin and other things. Muscle Building Tips Effective resistance training at least twice a week, combined with a protein and nutrient rich diet, specific for your body composition, will increase muscle mass. Cardio improves our response to insulin, helping with muscle repair. Helps with blood flow to get nutrients to muscle. How to do Both In addition to cardio classes I like high intensity, cardiovascular strength training workouts… so we get the benefits of both.

Momentum is Key

People who have a workout scheduled everyday have an easier time eating well and staying fit for life. It’s hard to recover from loss of momentum, both from an eating and exercise perspective. The longer the lull the more difficult.

There Are No Prerequisites to Becoming Fit

Apply the same principles to your fitness and health program as you have done in all of your other successful life endeavors and you will reach your highest goal. Use your intention, desire, focus, dedication, and belief in yourself & the process. There are no prerequisites!

Try Something New!

Cathy never thought of herself as a boxer but she loves what it’s doing for her. Look for NEW challenges to Keep Your Fitness Progressing! We provide a wide range of group classes & activities: Boxing, TRX, Spin, Circuit Training, Free Motion, Yoga, Tennis, and more!

Purposeful Eating

We can eat to improve our performance, attitude, how we look, feel and our health. Purposeful eating is the key to optimizing our quality of life. Here is how you do it:
  • Follow your Eating Plan and monitor your muscle versus fat ratio weekly
  • Develop recipes and foods you like that will support your healthy goals Develop strategies for eating socially or when traveling
  • Stay in tune with the impact that your eating is having on you
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