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Victoria Selway

“I Dropped Four Dress Sizes for My Wedding!”

I joined Living Lean in January of 2016 to get in shape before my October wedding. When I started, I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been and was unhappy with the life- style I was living. After six months of Sheena’s training sessions, personalized eating plans, weekly measurements and step by step encouragement I lost 30 lbs. of body fat and went from a size 12 to a size 8. I am happier than ever and ready to continue my journey – now as a newlywed!”*
Success Story - Living Lean Personal Training Success Story - Living Lean Personal Training

Arash Azarkish

I was diagnosed with Fatty Liver Disease and had been living with it for 10 years. The medical community simply told me not to drink wine and try to eat better. Knowing that this disease eventually progresses to Liver Cirrhosis I contacted Sheena at the Living Lean Program with a goal to battle this disease. After 1 year on the program by body fat % was reduced from 34 to 23% and my ALT and AST scores are normal. I no longer have Fatty Liver Disease. My next goal is 15% body fat ! Thank you Sheena and the Living Lean Program for Health.*
Success Story - Living Lean Personal Training

Katie Rawson

“ My body fat has dropped by over 50% and I feel healthier and better than ever!”

I have been very athletic all my life but also struggled to keep my weight in check. A ‘perfect storm’ of happenings – becoming home-based for work and a milestone birthday – both aided in a prety significant drop in my metabolism. I just could not eat any less than I already was so I knew it meant the hard work of increasing my activity to lose the weight. Like a lot of others in the program, I contacted Sheena after seeing some of the other success stories in the local paper. I have lost nearly half of my body fat since I started (over 20 pounds of fat) and am stronger than I can ever remember. The trainers make the workouts fun and I found that I love spinning. Nice people, good workouts, and a new found body.*
Katie's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Lisa Bedell

“ I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat and I am stronger than ever”

As a 21-year-old senior at Santa Clara University studying biology, I found that stressful exams, college parties, unhealthy diets and the lack of sleep just weren’t working for me. Sheena and living lean taught me the tools to transform myself and maintain a healthy balanced eating schedule and workout routine. My body fat has dropped by over 50% and I feel healthier and better than ever! Additionally, I’ve seen real progress in tone, strength, and weight loss. Changing my life style to a total fitness approach using Living Lean’s strength, diet, and aerobics have helped me to reach a lean and mean profile. Living lean taught me important nutritional skills that are specific to a college student with special needs due to an unbalanced diet, lack of efficient exercise and sleep patterns that are often variable. Living lean and loving it!*
Lisa's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Christine Muhawieh

“I Lost 30 lbs. of Fat and I Love It!”

I am SO happy with the Living Lean program! I began the program in mid June and I was feeling a little negative as my weight was spiraling out of control. I finally made up my mind that I could do it, and do it the hard way by changing my eating habits and working out. Sheena created a meal and workout plan for me that has really increased my metabolism. I started to see results so I just kept going and now I’m almost 30 lbs lighter and feeling great! Thanks Living Lean and Sheena, Braudy & Courtney!*
Christine's Success 1- Living Lean Personal Training Christine's Success 2- Living Lean Personal Training

Maddie Gamble

“ I lost 15 lbs of fat in 7 weeks”

Thanks to Sheena and the Living Lean Program, I’ve never felt better in my life! I am a golfer and to play in world golf championships you have to be fit and in just 8 weeks, I’ve lost 16 pounds of fat and have become the strong athlete that I have always wanted to be! Without this life changing program, I wouldn’t be able to progress my golf game to the fullest of my potential.*
Maddie's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Sandy Hinck

“My bodyfat was 29% and it is now 9%!”

I have been a runner for years, but it was not until I became a Living Lean client that I fully embraced the concept of cross training. I have now integrated spinning, TRX and weight training into my weekly exercise program. Living Leans’ supportive trainers, nutritional guidance and workout classes are a powerful and effective formula. Not only has my body fat gone from 29% to 9.7%, I am a stronger runner, hiker and cyclist.*
Sandy's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Glenda Cohn

“I lost 15 lbs of fat in 7 weeks!”

I’ve never felt better in my life, thanks to Sheena and the Living Lean !program In just 7 weeks I have lost 15 pounds of fat and numerous inches, found a more positive outlook for life, and have become the example I wanted to be for my family! Now, my husband and two of my teenage children are on the Living Lean program and are quickly achieving results!*
Glenda's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Neil Cohn

“I lost 28 lbs of fat in 4 months!”

I was 25% body fat and I am now 12.5%. Sheena’s energy, passion and knowledge helped me to accomplish something in 3-4 months that I’ve been trying to do my whole adult life.*
Neil's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Emily Gorin

“In 11 weeks I went from over 30% body fat to 16% body fat!”

I knew I’d reached a critical point when my scale registered a weight I hadn’t seen since I was pregnant. Living Lean helped me take control, and get back on-track fast. I started seeing results after one week. The personal attention and accountability made the difference for me in sticking with the program. I felt so supported and encouraged by my trainers and Sheena. The measurable results motivated me to work hard and actually look forward to being weighed and measured each week. I feel healthier, stronger and happier. Other benefits I experience include better posture, better sleep, and more energy. I can sincerely recommend Living Lean to anyone ready to take charge of their body.*
Emily's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Eric Shaqfeh

Department Chair & Professor @ Stanford University

People ask me regularly how I could have possibly made the physical change I did in such a small period of time. It’s due to Living Lean’s comprehensive nutrition and exercise system. It’s a great program and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.*
Eric's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Lauren Barkan

“I lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks”

I recently transferred to the University of Oregon and struggled with maintaining my weight. The weather in Oregon is rather grim so it was easy to cover up and forget about my body. I came home for summer and my mom suggested I try Living Lean. I couldn’t be more happy I did! Sheena sat down with me and helped me build a workout and meal regimen that I can also use when I go back to school! So far, in about 4 weeks, I have already lost 10lbs of fat and gained 3 pounds of muscle! My favorite workout to do with Sheena is boxing, it makes me feel strong and its a great workout!*
Lauren's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Cathy Bohm

“Joining Living Lean was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

The eating and exercise plan that was designed for me not only facilitated efficient fat loss, it has made me strong and fit. In just 6 months my body fat went from 27% to 13% and I went down 5 dress sizes! My singles tennis game has improved dramatically!*
Cathy's Success - Living Lean Personal Training

Wendy Nieto

“No More Mommy Muffin Top!”

Balancing work and family commitments has always made it a challenge to get and stay in shape. The bikini was banished and clothes were often chosen based on camouflage value. Thanks to Living Lean’s combination of nutrition, personal training and weekly measurement program, the bikini is back!*
Wendy's Success - Living Lean Personal Training
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